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Extra Care Should be Taken in Cleaning These Electronics

How to Gently Clean your TV, PC and Laptop Monitors


Clean them regularly so that dust and dirt will be easier to remove. (Photo Credits: LGEPR, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

LCD TVs and Monitors are magnets for dust. It requires regular cleaning so as not to affect the picture quality, and at the same time reduce allergens in both the home and office. Lightning Electrical Contractor San Diego, CA

Del Mar Electrician Services. Electronic stores, and cleaning aisles in supermarkets usually carry a wide array of cleaning materials and solutions means for LCD TVs and Monitors. Most though are expensive, and do not even work as promised.

LightningElectrician Rancho Bernardo. So what is the most effective way to clean an LCD TV and other LCD Monitors such as those for laptops and personal computers?

LightningElectrician National City

In its website, Better Homes and Gardens underscored the importance of taking gentle care when it comes to cleaning screens whether that of TVs or computer monitors. “The screens can be easily scratched and antiglare coatings can be damaged. Rub too hard and you can burnout pixels (the tiny dots that compose images on computer monitors and TV screens).” Spring Valley Electrician

Read about their guide for everyday cleaning, and “deep” cleaning for LCD Monitors here.

Professionalcleaninglondon.org.uk also stressed the fact that utmost care should be done when clening LCD screens. Electrician. “Unlike old CRT screens which are glass and could be cleaned with glass cleaner and a cloth, LCD panels are made with a type of plastic and need special treatment to preserve their best picture quality. The same proper care should be applied to plasma flat screens, as they are glass but often have very sensitive anti-glare coating applied.”

Electrical Association. Read the whole article here.

Hometipsworld.com meantime shared a Do-it-Yourself LCD cleaner. “With constant use, dust and more, TV screens and laptops can becomes very dirty, very quickly.”

Take a look at the recipe for the homemade cleaner here.

Cleaning LCD TVs and monitors not only ensure good picture quality, it also prolongs the life of these appliances.

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