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Clean the Appliances, and Prep them If Needed

How To Protect Appliances During a Move


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Protect your Appliances During A Move. (Photo Credits: Demenagement Myette, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

Moving appliances is not only hard it is also tricky. One wrong move and you could end up damaging your appliance or electronic gadget, or worse – injure yourself or the movers in the process. LightningElectrician San Diego Location came up with various tips on how to move household appliances safely. From TVs, Refrigerators, to Washers and more. “For many people, moving is a source of stress. A day associated with packing, loading, unloading, and running around in a race against time that will most likely end with several household appliances being damaged in one way or another.”

Lemon Grove Electrician Lightning. Read the tips here. meanwhile came up with guidelines for homeowners on how to prepare their appliances before their move. “Many everyday appliances require servicing, disconnecting and preparation before moving.  It’s helpful to know your role in preparing the appliances so there won’t be any surprises come moving day.  Most preparations include thorough cleaning and proper knowledge of how to disconnect the appliances.” Coronado Electrician

Read the guidelines here.

Santee Electrician Services. Once you are already in your new home, and you found one of the appliances in the wrong place, the tendency is for you to do the moving yourself. has this quick tip for moving one heavy appliance to another part of the house. “Use GLASS CLEANER! If you have a hard floor, spray a little bit right in front of the feet and start to push the heavy, cumbersome appliance.” La Mesa Electrician

Master Electrician. Read the rest of the article here.

Moving houses can be less stressful when you try your best to plan and organize it. American Lighting Association. Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips could help ensure a less stressful, and safer move for your family and your appliances as well.

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